Front end


HI !
My name is Félix,
I'm a young 20-years-old designer specialized in graphic design.

I passed a bachelor's degree in science which I obtained, but nevertheless, I didn't feel I belonged there, so I decided to study art and design starting with a preparatory year in applied arts, where I acquired a very good level.

After this preparatory year, I continued for 2 years my studies in graphic design and webdesign while alternating on the works council of EDF.

But my skills don't stop there, I'm constantly looking for learning, new things and new experiences in this vast world of design.

Through this, I have learnt self-taught web development (HTML, CSS and a bit of JS), 3D modeling as well as rendering and some video animation.

It is with motivation and ambition that I wish to develop my design culture from day to day because I want to continue to learn and create beautiful things that will remain ingrained in the memory of Mankind.